Meals on Wheels

We deliver our meals hot on a plate ready to eat. Our meals are made fresh each day on site using local produce and suppliers where possible. Our kitchen has a grading certificate of Excellent “A” (Licence number RBM/12455).

Anyone can buy our meals, whether you have difficulty shopping or preparing your own food.

Our home cooked meals are good and honest fare, just like your mum used to make. Wholesome and nutritious, no added salt, low fat content and high on taste.

Meals are delivered between 12 noon and 1pm each day, Monday to Saturday in the Dunedin area. We also deliver to Fairfield and Mosgiel weekdays.

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Standard meal with or without the dessert is $9.90
This is served on a plate consisting of at least 100g meat, 2 potato and 2 vegie(can be in tinfoil dish if preferred).

Our Large size meal is $10.90 (with or without the dessert).
This meal includes 3 potatoes, extra meat and the 2 vegies.

We also sell
Homemade baking 2 pieces, $2.50
Fruit 2 pieces $2.50
Homemade Soup (comes in a coffee to go cup) $3.00
Sandwiches, 2 club boxed $3.50
Frozen Desserts $2.00, These must be accompanied by a hot meal.
Homemade Savouries, these are made fresh each day at .75 each, $9.00 per dozen.

Frozen Meals

We offer for sale frozen meals at $8.50 each. Frozen meals come in tin foil dish and do not include the dessert. They can be ordered by email or over the phone. These meals are made up each day and are subject to availability. A minimum of 4 frozen meals must be ordered at any one time if not getting a hot meal. (Delivery charge may apply).

We do sell frozen meals on site, at 12 Ings Ave between 1.30 and 4.30 weekdays. Eftpos is available. All our prices including GST.

Bulk Orders

20 frozen meals $158.00 saving of $12.00


"Having tried other suppliers, I have reached a conclusion that yours is the best. Very friendly!"

- Anonymous

"The food is great and mum is really enjoying them as well as the volunteers who deliver them, wonderfully nice and kind people."

- Ailsa

"Thanks very much to you and your wonderful team for the fantastic job you all do. It is very much appreciated."

- Yvonne

"You provide a wonderful service very affordably. Thank you so much."

- Angela

Additional Information

Coordinators Hours

  Weekdays: 8:30am - 3:30pm

  Saturday: 8:00am - 11:30am

All cancellations and daily orders need to be in by 9.30am.

After Frozen Meals?

These can be picked up on site at 12 Ings Ave

  Pickup between 1.30pm and 4.30pm weekdays.

  Eftpos Available

Bulk Orders

Bulk orders are also available.

  20 frozen meals $158.00